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VS Sunset Clair

Hey guys! I'm Claire and I'm the crazy dog on the farm. I just get so wound up and excited whenever anything new is happening that I can't help but keep shaking my butt and trying to sneak closer to get some pets! The best way to get me calmed down is letting me chase Pistol around the arena a couple of times, then I am chilled out and ready to behave like a princess. My Dad says that either Ruby or I am the smartest, but if you ask me it’s definitely me since I know how to open gates with my nose. I am easy to teach new tricks since I am so smart and will do anything to get a treat! I love to chase the ball whenever someone throws it for me and I also like to play with the puppies when they are old enough, it’s fun when they try to chase you but you just keep jumping over them. I like showing off my puppies whenever I have a litter and would love for you to come see them! I'm also a little camera shy so don't judge me for not having as many pictures as my brothers and sisters. 

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