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Claire September 2023

What is better than one new litter on the farm..... TWO NEW LITTERS!!! Three days before Ruby's litter, Claire had her 3 little boys. They may be sweet now, but we know how boys are... they will be stinky before we know it. ;)


Ruby September 2023

Ruby blessed us with a beautiful litter of 10 puppies on September 9th, 2023. With 6 females and 4 males she is going to have her paws full taking care of all the little guys, but she is such a good mama we don't have any doubt she will do a fantastic job.


Jasmine May 2023

Another beautiful litter out of Jasmine and Duke with 9 healthy little puppies. This litter gave us 8 males and 1 female. These puppies are looking for their furever homes and are ready to go home very SOON!!

Jasmine Whiteflower x Duke Miller II
May 26, 2023
9 puppies; 8 males, 1 female


Sawyer March 2023

This lucky little bundle of joy surprised us on St. Patrick's Day and we couldn't be happier. Sawyer's very first litter and she is already such a good mama! She is going to have her hands full with six little males but we think she is up to the task and she is so happy with her new role. We can't wait to see these little leprechaun's grow up and go to their forever homes!

Zion The Sunbeast of Lionheart x Sawyer Miller
March 17, 2023

6 puppies; 6 males


Reighn Adult Female

Our beautiful Reighn is looking for her forever home that will love her. This beautiful, lovable girl is just the perfect combination of energy and relaxing. She will play fetch endlessly and then come inside and lay down calm as can be. She is the sweetest girl and will make the perfect addition to a new family.

For sale: $2500


Ruby November 2022

We are excited to finally have a litter out of our younger stud, Buck. Being the son of Duke, he still has all of the lovable personality traits of his dad and we're sure these puppies will be just as goofy as him. They will also be getting all of their smarts from their momma, Ruby, who is one of our sharpest dogs and loves to learn new tricks! The color combination of these two is phenomenal and we can't wait to get these puppies to their forever homes!


Daisy August 2022

Duke Miller II x Miller's Daisy III
August 13, 2022
7 puppies; 5 males, 2 females


Claire August 2022

Duke Miller II x VS Sunset Claire
August 10, 2022
8 puppies; 5 males, 3 females


Jasmine August 2022

Duke Miller II x Jasmine Whiteflower
August 3, 2022
7 puppies; 3 females, 4 males


Daisy January 2022

The more puppies the merrier! And these ones are cute, CUTE! Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself. ;) This beautiful litter out of Miller's Daisy III and Duke Miller II had 10 puppies; 4 females and 6 males. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter message us as soon as possible. :)


Claire January 2022

With 3 males and 4 females this litter was just what we needed in the new year! Our first litter with Claire and we are very happy about it. How could you not be with these cute faces?? This beautiful litter out of VS Sunset Claire and Duke Miller II had 7 puppies; 4 females and 3 males. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter message us as soon as possible. :)


Reighn October 2020

Reighn had her beautiful litter of puppies the night of Halloween. Luckily it was not a spooky night and everything went smoothly. This beautiful litter out of Nebraska's Reighn and Duke Miller II had 4 puppies in all. There were 2 females and 2 males. All of the puppies have now gone home to their forever homes!

Dirt Road Dogs Litters

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