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We would love to hear about your experience with Dirt Road Dogs. We are constantly trying to improve our practice to better suit the people we come in contact with. Please give us your thoughts on our facilities, dogs, and customer service. Don't forget to upload your favorite pictures of your adorable pup!

Rich & the Boys.

We (myself & two sons) were lucky enough to run across Dirt Road Goldens a few years ago when looking at breeders.
Garrett and his Father are incredible people, and love each dog, and puppy on their farm.
We brought home Arffie (see pic), and he’s been a healthy joy to all of us. So much, in fact, we’re heading back there to pick up our second Golden from them.
What’s great about Dirt Road is the high quality and superb health of their dogs.
Even our vet still compliments our puppy/dog on his quality, and excellent health
The worst thing that can happen after you fall in love with a puppy/dog, is to discover hidden health issues. Dirt Road doesn’t have those issues because of the certified lineage (AKC), and their breeding beliefs.
Arffie is two now (see pic), he has eclipsed our dreams, and become a beloved member of our family.
Dirt Roads has our highest recommendations for anyone wanting a brilliant, healthy, and loving Golden Retriever.
Rich & the Boys.

Matt and Aubrey

We discovered Dirt Road Dogs when we were looking for a golden puppy in Colorado. They are AKC registered and their website was very helpful to see what puppies they had available along with updates on upcoming litters. Garrett and Jason were great to work with and our experience picking our puppy up was so easy and informative. They really take pride in what they do and are so knowledgeable. We can’t recommend Dirt Road Dogs enough!

Brandon Champagne

I went out to the dirt road dogs facility late last year looking to buy a pup. Everyone I met was extremely kind and really seemed like they wanted to take their time to make sure both myself and the dog ended up in the best position to succeed. Even more importantly, the facilities are clean and the dogs all seemed extremely healthy and happy (both the puppies and the multiple adult dogs running around). If you’re looking for a responsible, knowledgeable, and trustworthy breeder then you have to go to Dirt Road Goldens!

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