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Our Puppies 

How we Differentiate Ourselves

At Dirt Road Dogs we believe that it is our duty and responsibility to breed happy and healthy golden retriever puppies that are ready for their forever homes. Located on a 40 acre farm east of Denver, Colorado we have plenty of space for our dogs to run around and get exercise. Unlike typical breeders we do not confine our golden retrievers to small kennels, but instead let them run and play as much as their hearts desire. 

Sleeping golden retriever pupy in Colorado
Golden retriever playing in the snow in Colorado
Health Guarantee

To ensure the health of our golden retrievers we make sure they are always up-to-date on:

  • Health Checkups

  • Shots 

  • Health Screenings - OFA certification for hips, elbows, and thyroids

We also focus on the mental health of our dogs by keeping them happy interacting with people and other dogs on a daily basis. This ensures excellent temperaments, great dispositions, and that they are extremely well mannered.

Our puppies receive the same treatment as the adult dogs. Before they are sent to their new homes each puppy gets a health checkup from the vet and their first round of shots. We also offer to microchip your puppy when you pick them up to keep them safe. In addition to all of this, we offer a health guarantee protecting against many hereditary problems.

Puppy Care 

At Dirt Road Dogs we do our best to ensure proper puppy care and keep them healthy. 

  • At birth: We help the mama clean the puppies so they are introduced to human scent from birth.

  • Birth - 4 weeks old: We bottle feed the puppies in supplement to their mother's milk to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition. 

  • 4 weeks old: Puppies are introduced to puppy food that is softened with milk and mashed until they are old enough to eat dry puppy food. 

  • 8 weeks old: Puppies get a health checkup and their first round of shots

Golden retriever puppy enjoying the Colorado sun
Golden retriever puppies in a wheel barrow in Colorado


To ensure a smooth transition to their new homes, we start socializing our puppies at a very young age. 

  • Handled from birth to get used to human scent

  • Free time outside their kennel so they can explore their surroundings.

  • Introduced to our pet cat and other dogs to become comfortable around all kinds of animals.

All of the things mentioned above are part of how we ensure that our puppies are happy, healthy, and playful when they are ready to go to their forever homes. To see information about available golden retriever puppies and to see pictures from past litters click the links below.

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