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Holiday Ruby

Hi, I'm Ruby! The newest and sassiest member of Dirt Road Dogs. I'm so happy to be at my new home with my new family! I especially love Jasmine since she is my big sister and she teaches me how to get into the most trouble. I also love Duke because he has so much fur I can bite onto him and just let him drag me around, but really I just chew on all of my brothers and sisters. I'm still learning how rough is too rough when I'm playing, but I really do love them. I'm not scared of anything and I love following Dad around the yard while he is doing chores. Even though I’m young I have already started training and I have been impressing everyone with how smart I am. The funny thing is that they think I’m listening to them because they want me to but really I just absolutely love treats and getting pets so that’s why I do it. I love kids and basically everyone else I’ve ever met so please come out and play with me! 

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