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Miller's Buck III

I'm Buck and I am so excited to meet you when you come out! Everyone that meets me can’t believe how big of a boy I am, but I am really just a big teddy bear that loves to ride around in the back of the truck with my tongue hanging out. Except, sometimes, I do run people over when I am playing in the yard but that’s just because I’m a little clumsy. I have the best nose out of all of the dogs since I spent so much time with my half-brother, Copper, hunting all kinds of birds. Sometimes people hide things from me and then make me find them, and I get so happy whenever I find them. I have the same big blocky head as my dad, Duke, and am sweet like my mom, Daisy, although I get more excited than both of them when people come to see us since I am still young. I will fetch the ball all day for you when you get here so come play with me and all the dogs!

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